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                  Product Name:FY-PU FLIP-FLOP SCREEN PANEL

                  Update Time:2021-8-25 16:10:42

                  Product Details


                  Simple structure, convenient installation, effectively improving the service life of the screen panels, reducing the t-imes of replacing and reducing the production cost.The aperture can be designed according to customer requirements.

                  The full name of polyurethane is polyurethane, which is the general name of macromolecular compounds rich in N-HCOO in the main chain, so it has excellent wear resistance, long service life, low density (1.25kg/m3) of polyureth-ane,lighter than metal sieve surface, and can reduce unit consumption of production;

                  Polyurethane Flip-flop screen belongs to mine equipment, which can be used in mines and quarries, highway cons-truction reinforcement, protective fence of traffic facilities and stadium,  filtration of industrial solid and liquid, etc.


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