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                  Product Name:FY Series High Efficiency Hydrocyclone

                  Update Time:2021-8-25 16:37:53

                  Product Details

                  Working Principle

                  FY Series High-efficiency Hydrocyclone is mainly used in fine sand recovery and high-efficiency sand washing industry. Aiming at the working conditions of fine sand recovery, sand washing of mine tailings and desliming of high mud content stone powder in sand and gravel aggregate industry, it has the advantages of high classification efficiency, long service life and multiple selectivity of wear-resistant materials. It can be customized according to different process and technical requirements.


                  ◆ Process of Fine Sand Recovery

                  Multi-cone and long-cone angle cyclones are used for recovery, which are mainly used in the fine sand recovery process of low mud aggregate desliming,  wastewater of sand aggregate production and wastewater of sand washing. The design features are high classification accuracy, small particle size, high recovery rate of fine sand and strong concentration. The recovery of fine sand can make up for the lack of product grading in mixed sand and gravel aggregate and improve the performance of aggregate products.


                  ◆The cyclone with long straight cone and large cone angle structure is mainly applicable to the working conditions of high mud content in materials (environment with 30% mud content) and high mud and powder content in fine sand recovered from powder materials. The equipment has the characteristics of high classification accuracy and efficiency and less fine particle content of qualified materials.

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